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Just wanted to let you know I took an initial brief look at Physics Editor and think it's pretty awesome! The auto-tracing of sprites is indeed a killer feature.

(Ray Wenderlich - Writer of Cocos2D tutorials)

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CodeAndWeb We're using PhysicsEditor with cocos2d and it's a life saver! Maybe everyone using it is so happy you don't hear about it =) (@migrantp)
I'm really satisfied of what i got by buying your products! (Asen)
Hi, I hope PE becomes very popular. It's so nice to use and saves so much time. I'm going to credit it in all my future games. I hope it helps. (Mike)
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Download PhysicsEditor

MacOS 64-bit (10.7/8/9)

Windows (XP/Vista/7/8)

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I'm a robot