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Sprite sheet packer for your 2D game projects. Supports Unity, Phaser, Cocos2d, PixiJS, Godot, Monogame and many more game engines.

TexturePacker is hands down the best sprite sheet generation tool on the market. It has more features than any of the competition and is ready for production-level games - highly recommended!

Ray WenderlichCreator of high-quality programming tutorials


Physics shape editor. Create collision shapes and outlines, set physics parameters for your 2D game objects.

Use the automated shape tracer to create collision shapes with a single click.

Supports Phaser, PixiJS, Cocos2D any many more game engines.


Create stunning light effects for your 2d game. Use SpriteIlluminator to create the required normal maps for your sprites.

Let SpriteIlluminator' algorithms create the normal map — or paint them by hand using the drawing tools.

Supports Unity, Godot, Phaser, PixiJS, Cocos2d and many more game engines.


Optimize your 3D game objects. Combine textures into atlases, reduce memory consumption and speed up rendering. Supports 3D game engines like Unity, Godot and many more that can work with FBX files.

Compress your textures using ASTC, ETC2, DXT, PVRTC or Basis Universal.  Coming Soon


Edit and manage your translation files with ease. Use pre-translate to preview your app in different languages. Works with all kinds of translation files including JSON, XLIFF, YAML and Java properties files. Supports web frameworks like Angular, React, VueJS, Laravel, Ember but also supports native App development (Flutter, XCode, Android, Java).