SpriteIlluminator Support & FAQ


SpriteIlluminator crashes when opening a file dialog (Windows)
One of the following programs on your computer might cause this crash — usually because the software tries to draw overlay icons:
  • Alien Respawn (pre-installed on AlienWare PCs)
  • Dell Backup and Recovery (pre-installed on DELL PCs)
  • Tortoise Hg
  • Tortoise Svn
  • Tortoise Git
If you don't need this software simply install it...
SpriteIlluminator freezes and behaves strange
We've seen this on Windows 10 on MSI notebooks: The Nahimic audio driver injects a DLL in other processes: NahimicMSIDevProps.dll and NahimicMSIOSD.dll . Both might cause dead locks freezing the user interface. Solutions:
  • Disable Nahimic drivers
  • Uninstall Nahimic drivers
  • Update Nahimic drivers. This might be the best solution but I was not able to find an official place to download the drivers.

Features & Frameworks

Which frameworks will be supported?
All frameworks that support shaders or 2d lighting are supported.
We'll try to get demos and tutorials running for the following frameworks as soon as possible:
  • Unity
  • Spritekit
  • Cocos2d-X
  • Corona SDK
  • PixiJS
  • OpenGl/OpenGl-ES Shader
  • GameMaker
  • AGK
  • Construct2
Is SpriteIlluminator going to work with Framework X?
You should be able to use SpriteIlluminator with any framework that supports shaders.
It depends on the framework how much work is involved to get things running...
What features are planned?
We are currently open about the direction we are going to go. This will depend on the users (you!) and what their needs are.

We have several things that we can imagine integrating:
  • Animation preview
  • Additional output - e.g. ambient occlusion maps
  • Alternative lighting models - e.g. Phong shading
  • Additional painting tools - e.g. blur, structure painting, ...
  • Layers
  • Export of pre-lighted sprites
  • Edit mode for isometric games
How does SpriteIlluminator work with sprite sheets / TexturePacker?

SpriteIlluminator works on single images. It's up to you what kind of images you feed into it.

Single sprites - Recommended. Work on single sprites in SpriteIlluminator. You can work on multiple sprites at the same time using multi selection. Export the sprites as single normal maps and use TexturePacker for packing.
Read our Adding normal maps into sprite sheets tutorial for more information how to use normal maps with TexturePacker.
Supports advanced features like animation preview.

Sprite sheets - Deprecated. SpriteIlluminator treats a sprite sheet as if it was a single image. You can apply effects to all sprites at the same time or use the selection tools to restrict effects to single sprites.
SpriteIlluminator does not parse complex sprite sheet date files - so advanced features like animations will only be available when you use single sprites.


Where is the license agreement (EULA)?
The license agreement is accessible via the menu in SpriteIlluminator or online here. Additionally you can find it inside SpriteIlluminator's program folder (Windows) or inside TexturePacker's .app bundle.
Can I get a free license?
Bloggers, framework developers and book authors can sign up for a free license.
There are no strings attached: If we send you a license you can simply use it.
We are - of course - happy if you write a blog post about SpriteIlluminator - but that's not a must. If you don't want to write a blog post - that's fine for me.
The blogger license must not be used to create commercial games or applications.

Game Jams and other coding events

Can get a free license for a game jam?
Yes. We support game jams and other coding events with free licenses. The organizer of the event has to contact us by mail and give us some details about the event: support@codeandweb.com.
Is it open source?
No - sorry.
We are a small company trying to make a living from our software products...
How much will a license cost?
Please visit the Store to see the exact price.
Are bundles available?
Yes. SpriteIlluminator can be purchased as bundle with TexturePacker and / or PhysicsEditor. Please visit the Store for details.

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