SpriteIlluminator Tutorials

Tutorials for Cocos2D

Cocos2d Dynamic Lighting Tutorial

Learn how to create scene with cocos2d lighting effects. Full source included.

by Andreas Löw

Tutorials for Cocos2d-X

cocos2d-x dynamic light tutorial

Tutorial: Create amazing 2d light effects for your Cocos2d-X game using normal mapped sprites.

by Joachim Grill

Tutorials for SpriteKit

SpriteKit dynamic light tutorial

Tutorial: Learn how to create a game scene with dynamic light and animations

by Andreas Loew

Tutorials for Unity

2d dynamic lighting tutorial for Unity

Tutorial: Create amazing 2d lighting effects for your unity game using normal mapped sprites.

by Andreas Löw

Tutorials for Corona SDK

Tutorial: SpriteIlluminator and Corona SDK

SpriteIlluminator helps you add dynamic lighting to your mobile games

by Greg Pugh

Tutorials for Phaser

How to create light effects in Phaser 3

Learn how to create dynamic light effects with Phaser 3. Add depth to your flat 2d sprites with normal maps.

by Joachim Grill

Tutorials for Other / Common

SpriteIlluminator: Normal map painting

Enhance your generated normal maps with the new structure tool

by Andreas Löw

Packing normal maps into sprite sheets

Tutorial: Create sprite sheets for your normal mapped sprites.

by Andreas Löw

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