SpriteIlluminator Tutorials

Tutorials for Cocos2d-X

cocos2d-x dynamic light tutorial

Tutorial: Create amazing 2d light effects for your Cocos2d-X game using normal mapped sprites.

by Joachim Grill

Tutorials for Phaser

How to create light effects in Phaser 3

Learn how to create dynamic light effects with Phaser 3. Add depth to your flat 2d sprites with normal maps.

by Joachim Grill

Tutorials for SpriteKit

SpriteKit dynamic light tutorial

Tutorial: Learn how to create a game scene with dynamic light and animations

by Andreas Loew

Tutorials for Unity

How to create dynamically lit 2d pixel art scenes with Unity

Tutorial: This video shows you how create dynamic light effects for your pixel art scene in Unity using normal maps created with SpriteIlluminator.

by Daniel Hofmann

2d dynamic lighting tutorial for Unity

Tutorial: Create amazing 2d lighting effects for your unity game using normal mapped sprites.

by Andreas Löw

Tutorials for Other / Common

SpriteIlluminator: Normal map painting

Enhance your generated normal maps with the new structure tool

by Andreas Löw

Packing normal maps into sprite sheets

Tutorial: Create sprite sheets for your normal mapped sprites.

by Andreas Löw

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