TexturePacker 3D
Texture atlas packer for your 3d project

Combine and pack your 3d model textures into shared texture atlases with a few mouse clicks.

Soon available for Windows, macOS and Linux

TexturePacker3D Screenshot (Windows) TexturePacker3D Screenshot (MacOS)
Combine your 3d models textures into texture atlases

Automatically combine the textures of your 3d models in shared atlases to reduce memory usage and speed up rendering.

Choose the number of output textures and sizes. Automatically scale textures to fit your constraints.

  • Combine textures in shared atlases
  • Scale textures to fit the atlases
  • Models are updated to use the atlases
Consolidate and optimize your 3d models

TexturePacker3D lets you consolidate Textures used in a model into one texture atlas — or more if needed.

You can also extract the required textures of a model if it uses a shared texture atlas.

  • Combine textures in or more atlases
  • Simplify matierials
  • Scale textures

Works with your favorite game engine & modeling tool

TexturePacker3D works with any game engine that can import FBX or OBJ models.
Game engines: Godot, Unity, Unreal Engine, Panda3D, …
Tools: Blender, Maya, 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, …

Optimize your textures with hardware compression

TexturePacker3D can use hardware compression codecs and different image formats to increase rendering of games.

  • Reduce memory usage using RGB444 with dithering to reduce memory usage
  • Use hardware compression like ETC2, PVRTC and DXT
Graphical user interface & command line

Use the easy to use graphical user interface or the powerful command line to process your 3d models.

The fastest and easiest way to work is to configure your project using the graphical user interface and use the command line to update the textures automatically.

  • Graphical user interface
  • Command line
  • Easy to integrate in your build pipeline
Supports your texture formats

TexturePacker3D reads and writes the following image formats:

  • TGA, PNG, JPG, PVR, PKM, DDS (Read & write)
  • PSD (Read only)
Supports your 3d model formats

TexturePacker3D imports and exports the following 3d model formats:

  • FBX
  • OBJ
Windows, Mac & Linux
TexturePacker3D works on all major desktop operating systems: Windows, macOS or Linux (Ubuntu).
Fair pricing model
Affordable price. Buy TexturePacker3D once and use it forever. Free updates included for 1 year. No subscription.