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Request a free license

TexturePacker and PhysicsEditor request free license

Bloggers and framework developers can get a free 1-year-license for my tools.

My requirements to you are:

  • You write your own blog about game/software/web development or about applications
  • Your blog has at least 5 recent relevant entries which are
    • about a page long and
    • not older than 6 months
  • Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Weibo are not blogs - unless you have 100.000 friends ;-)

I would be happy if you do a small blog post about my tools in return - but this is not a requirement.

To make blogging about my tools a little bit easier, you can download a Press-Kit which includes logos and images of TexturePacker and PhysicsEditor.

The following data is required to create a license key for you:

I'm a robot