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Slugterra: Slug it Out!by Nerd Corps Interactive Inc.


Check out the top 40 paid puzzle game everyone is talking about! Featuring the new Slugslinger Challenge Mode for hours of endless play! Compete for top scores in the leader boards via Game Center, and get new special items from the store front to boost your game play!

Slug it out! and become the best slugslinger of all time! Play as hero Eli Shane in this fast-paced action puzzle game based on the popular animated television series Slugterra. Collect little critters called slugs then fire them out of your high-powered blaster, transforming them into magical battle beasts! Each slug has its own unique power. The more you use your slugs, the more powerful they become. Collect all eight slugs and use them to battle a horde of villains and stop the evil Dr. Blakk!

To play, quickly match tiles on the game board to power up your slugs. Tap the slug icon to load them into your blaster then watch out as they transform and attack your opponents!

The key to being the best slugslinger around is choosing the best slugs for each round, and knowing when to use them!

***The Bottom Line: 9.5/10 (Super!) Slugterra: Slug it out! isn’t the first strategy match-3 that we’ve played but, by far it incorporates the need for strategy more than others. Tack on an adorable theme and you’ve got one of the best strategy-puzzlers this year.” – Appstore Arcade


  • Match tiles on the playing board to power-up your slugs and blast your opponents.
  • Collect new slugs and unlock slug powers as you play.
  • Battle all of your favourite villains from Slugterra and challenge Dr. Blakk!
  • Eight slugs to collect: Infurnus, Frostcrawler, Tazerling, Flatulorhinkus, Arachnet, Fandango, Doc and Enigmo.
  • New Slugslinger Challenge Mode—compete for top scores in the leader boards via Game Center.
  • New store front with special items to boost your game play including blaster mods and slug chargers.
  • Play as Eli, Pronto, Kord or Trixie!
  • Buy Slugterra toys and DVDs, and receive a free code for in-game items! Visit to learn more.
  • Available for iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch®

How did TexturePacker help you with your development?

We used TexturePacker to quickly create spritesheets for all scenes in the game. We automated the build sequence using TexturePacker's command-line tools.

What are your favorite TexturePacker features?

The command-line tool was fantastic. It really sped up generation of spritesheets during build time.

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