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This is a KungFu game played by your voice

  • This is a Chinese KungFu Game!
  • This is a game played by your voice !
  • This is a game for vent !
  • What are you waiting for? Let's shout!


You use voice to drive fighter attack targets fly from all sides.

  • Play "Voice KungFu" when you happy !
  • Play "Voice KungFu" when you feel energetic !
  • Play "Voice KungFu" when you feel alone !
  • Play "Voice KungFu" when you feel depressed !

"Voice KungFu" can improve your mood ! Hope you like it ! :)

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We want TexturePacker can port flash animation with script file, Not just texture frames, because texture frames cost too many memory, I know it is hard work, but this function is so usefult , ^_^, TexturePacker is useful to us, Thanks!

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