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Around the Rock Disc Golf

by Tribaloid
TexturePacker ShowRoom Around the Rock Disc Golf TexturePacker ShowRoom Around the Rock Disc Golf TexturePacker ShowRoom Around the Rock Disc Golf TexturePacker ShowRoom Around the Rock Disc Golf TexturePacker ShowRoom Around the Rock Disc Golf


Top 100 Paid Sports Games in Google Play Sports category! Support our development in awesome arcade-style disc golf games and updates!

Around the Rock Disc Golf challenges you to continuously make Aces in Practice mode! Try out your skills in the Tournament mode which is all Par 3 with 2 courses, each 18 beautifully designed holes and each one has their own unique strategies. (108 total baskets!) Try with wind or without wind. Follow your progress with a local leaderboard for Tournament and Practice modes.

Around the Rock Disc Golf Challenge has a real-time 3D Disc Physics engine that keeps evolving and improving over time! Take advantage of your high tech Android devices and relax with some cool 3D amusement.

There are no real courses in ATR Disc Golf as we focused on fantasy themes, in fact, you may find yourself hanging on a cliff looking down 2000ft having to throw 300ft to another floating rock island.

Let us know what you think about Around the Rock Disc Golf Challenge! ATR was conceptualized, designed, and developed by Disc Golfers. We are passionate about listening to your feedback and will fix any issues or even add a feature or two requested by you! Email to submit bug for good karma Thank you for your support!

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Tribaloid introduces the sport of disc golf to the wider world in its new iOS and Android game

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ATR Disc Golf is on a mission to be on every platform possible and spread Disc Golf awareness like wildfire through mobile and HDTV devices!

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