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The Forest of Fearby Kfuchi


Take control of your fearless hero on his quest to pursuit an end of a nightmare that his life had become. Gore, blood and violence — a lot of things that you'll never meet in "The Forest of Fear" because why you've ever need this things in a runner game?

Maybe you don't want another runner on your phone? Why?


Soon you'll be, I'm assure you.

"The Forest of Fear" is an action packed and addictive endless runner that's simply to play and hard to master.

(And not bad-controls-hard like other runners, you know. I mean, our game offers hours and hours of challenging, fun and fair gameplay. This game made by the gamers for the gamers. We're know what we're doing.)

  • simple controls - just tap anywhere to jump!
  • various levels to unlock
  • Game Center support (announced in version 1.2)
  • full iPhone 5 support
  • unique spooky style
  • RPG-elements (Run faster, jump higher!)
  • zombies!
  • spiders!!
  • KTULHU!!! (Maybe. We're afraid to play this game one more time and find this out by ourselves.)
  • and much more!

Treat yourself with "The Forest of Fear". If you won't like our game, Grim Reaper himself will give you money back! (evil laughter)

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