Call of Honey

by Gaul's Games
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Call of Honey - funny arkanoid / breakout game / brick breaker for all family.

This is FREE LITE version!

Dedicated to all the sweet tooth and honey lovers.

At first glance, it may seem that the break the bricks is only for children, but if you start to play it and you will delay a bright world full of color and good humor, engrossing action. And as far from simple and interesting levels.

Let`s help hungry bear to get tasty honey. There are many bricks and obstacles and sly bees in the way of bear.

Using the platform and the brick breaker ball, you will breaking bricks to lead the way to honey, also collect some treasures, hidden in bricks.

The game has many features that distinguish it from the games of this genre. We have:

  • likeable hero;
  • variety of backgrounds and blocks;
  • easy control;
  • new and unique bonuses;
  • different secrets;
  • moving levels;
  • living enemies with their own characteristics;
  • nice music;
  • 50 achievements (Scoreloop);
  • 40 levels of action (in full version);

How to play in our arkanoid / breakout game / brick breaker/breakout:

  • At the beginning, tap on any block to run the ball.
  • Moving your finger under the bear, you can manage it. Also it can be done anywhere on the screen.
  • In the pause menu you can enable or disable the sound.
  • Scoreloop allows you to compete with other players on a special board of scores and achievements.

Sweet game, and good luck!

P.S. Please leave your feedback, it is important to us.

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We using Texture Packer for .pvr.ccz pack files. It is simple, very usefull and very sequrity for our assets. Thank you.

What are your favorite TexturePacker features?

It is auto-generated xml file for java.

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