Dream Tim

by Lovbl Studio
TexturePacker ShowRoom Dream Tim TexturePacker ShowRoom Dream Tim TexturePacker ShowRoom Dream Tim TexturePacker ShowRoom Dream Tim TexturePacker ShowRoom Dream Tim


As Tim falls deeper into his dream it's your job to help him rescue the love of his life. Use swipe gestures to destroy upcoming obstacles and kill all the enemies that try to stop you from fulfilling your quest. Reaching the lava pool might seem as a problem but stealing a helipack will help you cross it. Simply tapping the screen will spin the propellers and allow you to effortless fly over lava.

Tim's dream is spread across 5 chapters, which you unlock by completing missions, each chapter revealing a little more of the story. Helping you complete missions are a set of awesome powerups and potions. If you like to freeze, set fire or splash acid on your enemies, there is a potion for that. You can use boosts, magnets, bend the laws of time, and many more crazy powerups, you can also spin the wheel of goodies, giving you the chance to win awesome prizes that can help you get ahead in the game.


  • 5 awesome movies showing Tim's dream
  • 60 missions and 14 GameCenter achievements
  • 3 unique potions and more coming soon
  • Infinite leveling up
  • Compete with friends
  • Wheel of goodies full with… uhm… goodies
  • Flying gerbils, organised skeletons and huge worms
  • Calming watercolor graphics
  • GameCenter Leaderboards

How did TexturePacker help you with your development?

It helped me keep the game on older devices at a reasonable fps.

What are your favorite TexturePacker features?

It creates the hd and sd files automatic, it allows you to choose the image format and dithering. Live preview, it keeps all files grouped.

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