Niki and Jazmin's Sticker Album

by Timea Fülöp
TexturePacker ShowRoom Niki and Jazmin's Sticker Album TexturePacker ShowRoom Niki and Jazmin's Sticker Album TexturePacker ShowRoom Niki and Jazmin's Sticker Album TexturePacker ShowRoom Niki and Jazmin's Sticker Album


Enjoy Niki and Jazmin's New Sticker Album!

There are 3 different scenes in the application which might be already familiar to you from the stories of Niki and Jazmin: Come, play with us!

  • Kids’ room - design and decorate the wallpaper of Niki and Jazmin’s room for your own taste. Place the toys all over the room wherever you like, so Niki and Jazmin could play with those. Do you remember Niki and Jazmin’s room from the Christmas story or from the Playground? Now it’s your turn to change it as you like!

  • At the doctors - make the doctor’s waiting room cozier and place there as many toys as you like. Remember when Jazmin had an ear-infection and she had to visit the doctor with Mom? You can cheer her up a bit with different kind of toys.

  • In the garden - in the garden you can plant your own flowers, bushes and trees, so that every kind of insects and little animals could find their home.

Each sticker:

  • has a unique voice when creating
  • short animation when creating
  • you can move
  • you can zoom in / zoom out

Once the masterpiece is created it’s possible to save it to your Photo Album.

In release 1.1 we have added the following features:

  • retina display support added
  • added much more funny animations when stickers are created
  • added double tap for mirroring the objects
  • added deleting of stickers by moving them to the edge of the screen - a nice animation will indicate that the sticker is deleted

Do you like Niki and Jazmin? There are more stories available about them in the App Store:

  • Spot The Difference with Niki and Jazmin
  • The toy swing ( interactive book)
  • Sweet dreams! (iBook with 2 stories)
  • Come, play with us! (iBook with 5 stories)
  • Niki and Jazmin’s Christmas ( iBook)

How did TexturePacker help you with your development?

All stickers make a small animation when they are created. For most of these animations I have used sprite sheets with the help of Texture Packer. It was very easy to add the figures to the tool and it generated all the required files with a few clicks.

What are your favorite TexturePacker features?

The whole tool in general is very easy to use, it's almost self evident what to do. Drag and drop picture, one click publishing is great!

Any tips and tricks you want to share with the community?

I think those who use these tools love them because of the easy way of usage and providing versatile solutions.

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