Roaming Fortress

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Command your own Roaming Fortress and bring the fight to the enemy! Roaming Fortress is a dynamic mix of action, strategy, and defensive game elements. With its visually stunning graphics and fast-paced gameplay, Roaming Fortress offers hours of destruction, 24 customizable fortresses, and 68 interchangeable squads as you take your fortress on the offensive.

Roaming Fortress has had great success on mobile, and we would like to bring the game to PC. The plan is to enhance the game with Hot Keys, particles, visual effects, and higher quality graphics – so this will not be a direct port.

Key Features:

  • Unique 3D Graphics
  • Mix of strategy and action
  • Over 20 hours of gameplay so far!
  • Very challenging
  • Lots of enemy types
  • Auto and Manual targeting options


Long ago, the Kingdom of Manatalopia stretched far across the Sirenian Desert. Life was good… Without warning, the Goblin Horde, a devastating force of legend, marched on the Kingdom of Manatalopia. The Horde showed no mercy. The brave Manatalopian Knights took up arms to defend the vast empire, but the attack was too sudden, the Horde too powerful. At the hands of the merciless Horde, the empire was swiftly destroyed.

Driven into the borderlands of their once great empire, the surviving Manatalopian Knights devised an ambitious plan to retake the lost kingdom and mete out justice on the Horde by moving their remaining fortress onto the back of a burdenbeast. The result: the Roaming Fortress. So begins the campaigns of the Manatalopian Knights to reclaim their lost kingdom and drive the evil forces back from whence they came. Currently there are 3 maps with plans for 3 more this year.

Map 1: New Manatalopia

  • 9 Levels
  • 3 Bonus Levels
  • 15 Squads
  • 14 Enemy Types
  • 8 Fortresses ​

Map 2: Old Manatalopia

  • 12 New Levels
  • 7 New Bonus Levels
  • 22 New Squads
  • 10 New Enemy Types
  • 8 New Fortresses ​​

Map 3: The Road of Anak (Rage Expansion)

  • 16 levels
  • 4 Bonus Levels
  • 31 new squads
  • 8 fortresses
  • All new enemy types and behaviors ​

Map 4: Hordelands (Cinder Expansion)

  • Coming Soon!​​

How did TexturePacker help you with your development?

  • Combining our animation significantly reduced our draw calls
  • File size was reduced by around 50%
  • Saved out multiple atlas sizes for multiple device types

What are your favorite TexturePacker features?

  • Command line interface allows us to automate
  • Ability to fine tune adjustments visually
  • Image compression formats

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