Truck Adventure

by elansesoft
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In this game operating truck with big wheels, it is necessary to reach the finish as soon as possible. On a way various unfriendly objects which can move in the various directions will meet, or it is simple to disturb journey. The machine is able to jump, squat, be accelerated, to go :) the Most important, at some levels in different places spare parts from new trucks lie. They should be selected. When all spare parts from the car will be assembled, it becomes available to a choice in garage. During game it is possible to change available trucks. Also the machine is able to throw bombs which can destroy everything that "simply" lies on a way. If bombs ended them it is possible to buy in shop for bonuses which are also scattered on levels. It is impossible that the machine concerned with a cabin, or a body of the earth and enemy objects, differently through some contacts it will collapse. In the free version well to 12 levels on four landscapes, in the wood, in the desert, in the geometry world, in the city. 2 trucks. All machines differ on parameters, speed, a spring ability, the size, engine capacity, shock-absorbers, wheels. In paid version of 57 levels and 6 trucks, one of which 6-wheel. Generally download also game pleasant to you.

Recommendations: CPU from 1000 Mhz is desirable. On 800 Mhz goes not badly but in some places brakes are observed. If speed of your phone is even lower, then to swing sense isn't present. It will be impossible to play. There the real physics for which many hours of the programmer and the schedule of 24 bits are spent is used.

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