Zombilly Bones

by olandi-games
TexturePacker ShowRoom Zombilly Bones TexturePacker ShowRoom Zombilly Bones TexturePacker ShowRoom Zombilly Bones TexturePacker ShowRoom Zombilly Bones TexturePacker ShowRoom Zombilly Bones


Clear this zombie-infested cemetery! Stand your ground for 6 rounds! Stop the transformation into super-zombies!

In nerve wrecking minutes you have to annihilate a growing crowd of zombies, collect weapons and ammunition and survive! Combine the symbols on the tombstones – receive more ammunition and weapons. No in-app buying! All features available right away.


  • simple controls: scroll, fire, duck
  • tons of ammunition to your heart’s content (MG, shotgun, rifle)
  • electro-cannon (grab zombies and stuff them back into their graves)
  • flamethrower
  • remote controlled dynamite
  • explosive suitcase (massive effect)
  • plenty of handgrenades

Zombilly Bones is a simple and fast parallax scrolling game. You watch over a section of a cemetery while zombies are rising from the graves. They throw all kinds of objects which the player has to avoid. There are 6 rounds at 4 to 6 minutes duration which have to be survived. As much zombies as possible have to be killed to gain points. The game doesn’t have levels in the usual sense – only breaks to catch your breath! Crows in the sky dive onto the zombies and unite with them, transforming them into super-zombies that are hard to come by. Symbols appear on the tombstones. Shooting at three identical ones will provide new ammunition and weapons. Collect them by shooting at them! Make shure to obtain enough supplies in time, because the numbers of zombies will increase steadily!

How did TexturePacker help you with your development?

i have used it for all images to keep memory usage low as possible.

How did PhysicsEditor help with your development?

I have customized the export format to use the shapes for collision detection.

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