TexturePacker CI License

Run TexturePacker in your CI system or build server.

TexturePacker Docker/CI License

A TexturePacker Docker/CI License is a subscription-based license that allows for the use of TexturePacker in a Docker or continuous integration (CI) environment. The license has a duration of one year, and allows for the specified number of parallel running TexturePacker instances to be used for building and testing purposes.

Please specify the number of parallel running TexturePacker instances required during checkout.

Please note that this license cannot be used on a desktop computer for general purposes. If you are looking to use TexturePacker in a non-Docker/CI environment, you will need to purchase a single user or volume license.

This license can be used on Linux by default. Please contact us, if you want to run it on macOS or Windows.

What's included

  • Floating license

  • Permits usage in your CI system

  • Linux by default, Windows and macOS on request