Blog posts tagged with 'spritekit'.

Blog posts tagged with 'spritekit'.

SpriteKit TextureAtlases with Swift 3

Learn how to use SpriteSheets with SpriteKit:

  • Creating sprite sheets with TexturePacker
  • Loading sprite sheets
  • Using header files to enable compile time checks
  • Play animations with a single line of code

This blog post contains full source code available on GitHub.

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SpriteKit dynamic light tutorial

What you are going to learn:
  • Create your normal maps using SpriteIlluminator
  • Create a side-scrolling scene with parallax scrolling
  • Create a normal mapped sprite
  • Add light effects to the game scene
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SpriteKit Animations and TextureAtlases

Learn how you can improve development of SpriteKit games and apps using TexturePacker.

  • Create your SpriteKit atlas with TexturePacker
  • Creating a SKSpriteNode from the texture atlas
  • Using SKActions to move the sprite
  • Applying SKAction to multiple SKSpriteNodes

Full source code is available on GitHub

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