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Are you having problems with TexturePacker, our free TexturePacker Importer Plugin or SpriteIlluminator? Don't worry - I am here to help. If you can't find the answer in the FAQs, you can contact me at the bottom of the page. You may also check the changelog for new features and bugfixes.

TexturePacker Importer Plugin

Is the plugin free?
Yes. We don't charge money for the plugin and we never will. But you need a TexturePacker license to create the sprite sheets.
Does the plugin work with iPhone/Android/Wii/...?
Yes. The plugin code extends Unity's Editor, it is not deployed on the target devices.
Where can I get the current version of the importer plugin?
The current version of the TexturePacker importer plugin is available from the Unity Asset Store.
Where can I get a version of the plugin that works with Unity 2017?
We are sorry that the current version does not work with Unity 2017 anymore. You can download an older version of the plugin from here: TexturePackerImporter-Unity2017.unitypackage. Please be aware that we can't provide updates for this version of the importer.
How does the plugin improve the performance of my game?
TexturePacker creates optimized sprite meshes. The meshes have less overdraw and fewer vertices. This reduces GPU and CPU usage.
Can I get the source code?
Usually not. We make exceptions in very rare cases.

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