BabelEdit Store

Single User License

A single user license can be installed and used by one user on up to two computers. E.g. your laptop and desktop. The license must not be shared with other people. Each single user license comes with a separate license key.

A single user license includes 250.000 characters machine translation quota for the pre-translate and suggestion feature of BabelEdit.

Volume License

A volume license can be installed on the purchased number of seats. You get one key for all installations. A volume license can be extended with additional seats any time.

A volume license includes 250.000 characters machine translation quota per seat for the pre-translate and suggestion feature of BabelEdit. The quota is shared across all BabelEdit instances using the volume license key.

Please visit the license management page to add seats to an existing volume license.

  Volume License
Please set the required number of seats
on the next page.

Machine translation quota

BabelEdit comes with a machine translation and suggestion feature. This feature makes use of Google's translation service which we have to pay for.

If you have a very big project — or many languages to translate — you might run out of quota. You can buy additional quota here.

Important: Please send us a mail with your BabelEdit license key and the order number after the purchase. Adding the quota is currently a manual process...

User friendly conditions

1 Optional services like online machine translation, cloud storage, online translation memory are not included in the BabelEdit license.

30 days money back guarantee

Test BabelEdit for 7 days during the trial phase. There's no risk for you in purchasing BabelEdit after the trial: We refund your purchase within 30 days if you are not satisfied with the tool.

Invoices and VAT

The purchasing process is handled by 2checkout. You'll receive a fully qualified invoice after the purchase.

Companies in Europe can enter their VAT-ID during the purchase.