TexturePacker Free vs. Pro version

TexturePacker's free version is for all users who want to get started with Game Development. It offers features to create sprite sheets and data files for many game development frameworks.

Advanced features like optimization of your sprite sheets are available for users of the Pro version.

Free Pro
Create sprite sheets, tile maps, sprite strips
Advanced packing algorithm
Polygon packing
Pack multiple sprite sheets at once
Sprite sheets for multiple devices & resolutions (scaling)
Image import
Import sprites (PNG, JPEG, PSD, TIFF, …)
Import Flash animations (SWF)
Smart folders
Command line interface
Set padding
Remove transparency (trimming)
Polygon sprites / mesh sprites
Reduce sprite artifacts
Content protection
Data formats
Generic data formats (JSON, XML)
Engine specific formats (Cocos2d, LibGDX, Starling, …)
Many additional formats (Unity, SpriteKit, Phaser, …)
Use TexturePacker with any game engine
Sprite sheet output
Save as PNG
Optimized PNGs (pngquant, optipng)
Memory reduction (save 50% memory using 16bit color formats)
Platform specific compression and image formats
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