List of free Panda 2 tutorials

A list of tutorials covering the Panda 2 framework: Learn all about sprites, animations sheets and how to use the P2 physics engine in your game.

How to create physics shapes for Panda2 and P2 physics

In this tutorial you are going to learn

  • How to set up Panda 2 with Physics (P2 engine)
  • How to create basic physical shapes (circles, rectangles)
  • How to create complex physical shapes (polygon based)
  • How to use PhsicsSprite for a simple integration of physics
  • How to create your own classes which give you even more control over the physics simulation
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Panda2 sprite sheet animations tutorial

Basic game scene tutorial for Panda2

  • Pack an animation into a sprite sheet
  • Optimize the sprite sheet for performance and download speed
  • Edit pivot points using TexturePacker's pivot point editor
  • Build a basic game scene with a walking character
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Panda Playtime: Texture packing

Tom Vencel creates a video series called Panda Playtime in which he explains how to use PandaJS.

This episode is about creating sprite sheets with TexturePacker.

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