What is Axmol Engine?

Axmol Engine is - according to their description:

This is another more radical fork of Cocos2d-x-4.0, it has Full Support OpenAL for all platforms, single texture multi GPU texture handler, C++ 17/20 and more!

The main reason why you might consider using Axmol is that cocos2d-x is practically dead.

This is where Axmol Engine comes into play. The cocos2d-x fork was created in 2019 and gets regular updates. It's 2023 when I am writing this post - the last commit to the repository was 3 days ago... The repository on GitHub has almost 300 stars and an active community seems to be building up.

The focus of Axmol Engine is on native game development, the use of modern c++ and fast bug fixes. Here are some highlights of what was changed since the cocos2d-x fork:

  • C++ 17/20 standard
  • Tooling works with python 3
  • Apple M1, Android x64, Apple tvOS
  • Windows x64 build support
  • Windows video player using Microsoft Media Foundation
  • Openal on all platforms, extended wav formats including: MS-ADPCM, ADPCM
  • Use modern GL loader glad
  • Google Angle renderer backend
  • ASTC 4x4/6x6/8x8 and ETC2 RGB/RGBA
  • Extensions - e.g. Effekseer, FairyGUI, Live2D, Spine
  • Modularized optional extension
  • ...

I am very excited to see that this project continues the development of what was once cocos2d! We've supported cocos2d since 2010 with TexturePacker, PhysicsEditor and SpriteIlluminator - and will, of course, support the "new" Axmol Engine!

Visit our tutorial section to get started: Axmol Tutorials