Tutorials for Unity:
Sprite Sheets &
Normal Mapped Sprites

We currently have 2 detailed tutorials for Unity,
scroll down for our Quickstart Guide.

Quickstart Guide with TexturePacker and Unity

This overview shows you how to create your first sprite sheet and import it into your unity project.

These 6 steps will cost you only 5 minutes - but make your development much easier. Promised!

Open TexturePacker, select
Unity - Texture2D sprite sheet
as framework.

TexturePacker: Select Unity Texture2D as framework

Add sprites ...

Drag & drop sprites
onto TexturePacker.

... or folders

TexturePacker adds
all sprites inside the folder
and updates the texture
when the content changes.

Add Sprites to TexturePacker

Set output files
Make sure to set the output path of both files inside the Assets folder of your Unity project.

Set the output path for your files

Optional: Set Trim mode and Pivot Point.

Crop removes transparency from sprites, allowing a better packing ratio.

TexturePacker allows you to set a Pivot Point and Trim your sprite

Click Publish sprite sheet to write the sprite sheet to your Unity project

TexturePacker: Click Publish sprite sheet

Download and install our free
TexturePacker Importer
TexturePacker Importer
Free download from Unity Asset Store

The sprite sheet is updated after each publish.

Your files will be imported automatically when using TexturePacker Importer