Free Unity game development tutorials

A list of tutorials for Unity covering sprites, sprite sheets, polygon meshes, draw call optimization and light effects using normal maps and shaders.

How to create dynamically lit 2d pixel art scenes with Unity

Tutorial: This video shows you how create dynamic light effects for your pixel art scene in Unity using normal maps created with SpriteIlluminator.

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2d dynamic lighting tutorial for Unity

What you are going to learn:
  • Creating normal mapped sprites with SpriteIlluminator
  • Packing sprite sheets and normal maps with TexturePacker
  • Importing normal mapped sprites into Unity
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Optimizing sprite sheets for Unity

Joachim Grill & Andreas Loew

This tutorial describes how you can use TexturePacker to create sprite sheets for Unity's 2D extension.

  • Prepare your Unity project to read TexturePacker sprite sheets
  • Create your sprite sheet and load it into Unity
  • Handling deleted sprites in Unity
  • Simplify your sprites workflow in Unity
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