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TexturePacker is sprite sheet packer and optimizer for professional game developers.
Create your sprite sheets in seconds:

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Optimize your game

Increase FPS and reduce memory usage at the same time

Need more fps?

Unity already tries to optimize sprite meshes but does no good job here.

Better mesh creation algorithm

This is a comparison between Unity's sprite mesh optimizer and TexturePacker.

It's obvious to see that TexturePacker not only reduces the number of vertices but also reduces overdraw at the same time.

This reduced both: CPU and GPU usage of your game and helps increasing the frame rate.

Want to reduce memory usage of your game?

TexturePacker reduced the memory footprint of your game.

Compress your sprite sheets
TexturePacker's trimming removes transparencies and adjusts the pivot point to compensate for the difference in position. This means your animations and sprite placements behave exactly as if the transparent pixels were still there.
Increase your game's FPS
Transparent pixels require memory and performance for processing — even if they are invisible in the game. Completely getting rid of them increases performance and reduces memory consumption.

Save money with a flexible workflow

Your artists don't need a Unity license to create your sprite sheets.

No Unity license required
Your artists need no Unity license to create sprite sheets. They can simply use TexturePacker and deliver the sheet to your developers and make sure that all sprites fit on the sheet.
Let the artist deliver the sprite sheet
Your artist can easily create the sprite sheets for you. He'll deliver the image and a data file with the sprite coordinates to import into Unity.
Let the artist deliver the sprites
Let your artist deliver the sprites. You can easily run them through TexturePacker to create your sheets. This process can fully be automated by including TexturePacker into build scripts.

Pivot point editor with realtime animation preview

TexturePacker comes with a pivot point editor with realtime animation preview.

We are here to help!

Get help with questions about our tools and the workflow.

We are committed to give you the best possible experience with our tools. A TexturePacker license includes free support for issues that you have with TexturePacker and/or the TexturePacker Importer Plugin.

We are also able to give you pre-releases for the plugin before it is officially added to the asset store.


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