TexturePacker for Unity

TexturePacker is sprite sheet packer and optimizer for professional game developers.

Drag and drop sprite sheet packing

Managing your sprites and packing sprite sheets can be so easy:

Need more FPS?

This is a comparison between Unity's sprite mesh optimizer and TexturePacker.

It's obvious to see that TexturePacker not only reduces the number of vertices but also reduces overdraw at the same time.

This reduced both: CPU and GPU usage of your game and helps increasing the frame rate.

Reduce the memory footprint of your game

Standard sprite sheets are packed with rectangular sprites of the same size. This wastes a lot of memory for the download of your game and at runtime.

TexturePacker's trimming removes transparencies and adjusts the pivot point to compensate for the difference in position. This means your animations and sprite placements behave exactly as if the transparent pixels were still there.

TexturePacker's polygon packing algorithm reduces the memory usage even further:

Rectangular packing with trimming
Polygon packing

Pivot point editor with realtime preview

TexturePacker's pivot point editor allows you to set pivot points for multiple sprites at once. You can also see your changes in real-time in the animation previewer:

Flexible workflow: Artist vs Coder

TexturePacker gives you much more flexibility in your daily work. Especially when it comes to sharing work between artist an developer.

The artist can use TexturePacker to check if all assets fit into the sprite sheet and what needs to be tweaked. He/she can also deliver completely packed sprite sheets instead of single sprites.

The pivot point editor and animation previewer in TexturePacker allows the artist to deliver assets that can directly be imported into the Unity project.

Import sprites from PSD, SWF, SVG, TGA, ...

TexturePacker's loader can import a big variation of image formats, including PhotoShop .psd files, Flash Animations (.swf) and even vector images (.svg).


We are committed to give you the best possible experience with our tools. A TexturePacker license includes free support for issues that you have with TexturePacker, SpriteIlluminator or the TexturePacker Importer Plugin.

We are also able to give you pre-releases for the plugin before it is officially added to the asset store.