ConsistencyAI is a unique feature within BabelEdit, designed to ensure translation consistency against the primary language. This feature covers:

  • Maintaining identical content or meaning
  • Upholding punctuation rules
  • Adhering to formatting standards

For this purpose, we delegate selected translations to a third-party AI service (currently OpenAI).

Submitting Translations

You can activate ConsistencyAI by clicking the brain icon located on the BabelEdit toolbar.

Configuring ConsistencyAI to process your translations.
Configuring ConsistencyAI to process your translations.

ConsistencyAI is designed to detect inconsistencies between your primary language and any of your translations.

You can choose the language you wish to check. By default, all checks are performed on the messages displayed in BabelEdit's center view. To run checks on all translations, deselect the Check selected items only option.

We strongly advise running checks on smaller batches instead of processing all translations in your project at once.

Reviewing the changes

After some time, you should see a dialog similar to this one:

Results from the ConstistencyAI
Results from the ConsistencyAI

To incorporate the proposed changes from ConsistencyAI into your text, click on the left-pointing arrow button (←) located next to the suggested edits. If you prefer, you can manually edit these changes.

To revert any changes made, click on the "Reset to Original" button found below your translated text.

The bottom left corner of the dialog displays the number of credits you have used.

Your feedback helps us improve our tool. To share your thoughts, please click on the "Speech Bubble" icon in the top right corner.


Checking the translations for punctuation differences

The consistency check detects differences in punctuations. Such as missing or changed punctuation marks.

Your project
Proposed change
Hello world!
Added missing exclamation mark to match the original text.
Hallo Welt
Hallo Welt!

Finding differences in translations

It also detects incorrect translations or differences in the meaning of a translation.

Your project
Proposed change
You have {num} pears in your basket!
The original text was translated incorrectly. The word for 'pears' is German is 'Birnen', not 'Äpfel' which means 'apples'.
Sie haben {num} Äpfel in ihrem Korb.
Sie haben {num} Birnen in Ihrem Korb.

Finding inconsistencies in parameters

BabelEdit checks for changed or missing parameters and suggests corrections.

Your project
Proposed change
Inventory: {s} Screws, {n} Nails
The parameter in the translated text was incorrect. It was corrected from {m} to {n} to match the original text.
Inventar: {s} Schrauben, {m} Nägel
Inventar: {s} Schrauben, {n} Nägel

Tips and restrictions

Help us improve by submitting examples

We continuously strive to enhance the functionality of the ConsistencyAI feature, and your feedback is critical in this process. If you encounter any unexpected results, please use the small speech bubble icon in the top right corner of the result dialog to submit examples.

Save credits by submitting multiple items simultaneously

Submitting several translations at once provides the AI with more context, potentially leading to improved results. It's also a cost-effective strategy as the instructions for checking translations only need to be submitted once for multiple entries.

Avoid submitting all at once

The translation process can be time-consuming. Instead of submitting your entire project at once, break it down into manageable portions.

Utilize Pre-Translate for text translation

While the ConsistencyAI feature can supply missing translations, this method is significantly more costly than the Pre-Translate function.

Exercise patience

The process may take a while, so patience is key. Our time estimates can be unreliable due to unpredictable AI server load and the number of inconsistencies found. Be aware that pressing cancel may forfeit any results and potentially lose credits for translations already in processing.

Be discerning: the AI could be incorrect

Our service runs on the GPT-4 model from OpenAI, which, while powerful, may occasionally make mistakes or suggest inaccurate changes.

Running the service multiple times may yield different results

We can't guarantee that all inconsistencies will be caught in one pass. Running the function multiple times may yield different results and suggestions. It's possible that the system may recommend a change, only to suggest reversing it in the next run.

Think twice before aborting a job

If a job is taking too long, you have the option to abort it. However, this might not be the best choice:

  • The aborted job will not provide any results.
  • Any translations already submitted for processing that can't be halted will consume credits.

Translation credits

We utilize 3rd party translation APIs for these features. As you might know, these APIs are not free. That's why we introduced Translation Credits.

ConsistencyAI assesses text in both the primary and target languages, makes alterations, and provides explanations for these modifications. The billing for this AI service depends on the number of characters sent and received. Since the exact changes are unknown in advance, we can only provide a rough estimate based on similar previous requests. The final credit charge is determined by the actual cost incurred by the AI service and may differ from our initial estimate.

BabelEdit keeps track of the amount of credits used. We've included 125,000 credits with every new license - even the trial license gets a small quota for exploring the feature. You can use the feature as long as your credits last. Once your credits are depleted, you can purchase more Translation Credits.

Privacy & what happens to your data

BabelEdit submits the text of the primary language and the language you want to check to our service, which we then forward to the 3rd party AI services we use (OpenAI).

The data we submit to the 3rd party service does not contain any personal information about you (e.g., name or email) except what is contained in the texts you submit for processing.

BabelEdit does not filter the texts it submits for the consistency checks. Thus, if the text contains any personally identifiable information, such as your email address or Twitter handle, this information will also be passed on to the 3rd party service. Therefore, avoid using ConsistencyAI with any personally identifiable data or any other information you do not wish to submit to this service.

Please also consult our Privacy Policy.