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Optimizing sprite meshes for Unity

2015-09-21 Andreas Löw

Polygon mesh sprites are a way to improve rendering performance and increase your frame rate.

TexturePacker 4 not only creates optimized sprite meshes but also packs them tightly into a sprite sheet.

You'll learn how you can enable polygon packing and make use of it in your Uniy project.

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Reducing artifacts on rotated sprites

2015-09-16 Andreas Löw

Get rid of those ugly edge artifacts!

I prefer smooth edges instead over jagged outlines.

TexturePacker 4's upcoming feature trim margin gives you full control over sprite's transparency when using trim & crop. It also replaces inner padding.

Learn how to take advantage of this new feature to improve your game's quality.

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Using PhysicsEditor with Cocos2D

2015-07-15 Andreas Löw

This tutorial explains how you can use PhysicsEditor with version 3 of Cocos2D, which has integrated Chipmunk2D as physics engine.

  • Create physics shapes for your sprites
  • Setup your Cocos2D application
  • Add collision shapes to your sprites

Exporter included for download

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SpriteKit dynamic light tutorial

2015-05-19 Andreas Loew
What you are going to learn:
  • Create your normal maps using SpriteIlluminator
  • Create a side-scrolling scene with parallax scrolling
  • Create a normal mapped sprite
  • Add light effects to the game scene
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cocos2d-x dynamic light tutorial

What you are going to learn:
  • Create your normal maps + sprite sheets using SpriteIlluminator and TexturePacker.
  • Load animation frames from a sprite sheet
  • Load a normal map sprite sheet and add a light effect to your animation
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SpriteIlluminator: Normal map painting

2015-05-11 Andreas Löw
What you are going to learn:
  • A quick way to generate normal maps
  • Enhancing the generated normal map by applying structure
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