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CodeAndWeb's GameDev Blog page 7/15

LibGDX Beginner Tutorial: Sprite Sheets & Physics with Box2d

2016-04-04 Travis Haynes

Basic tutorial for libGDX users:

  • Creating a new project
  • Creating sprite sheets
  • Using sprites
  • Creating physics collision shapes
  • Editing physics parameters
  • Using physics in your game
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Cocos2d/Cocos2d-x plist file format

2016-01-29 Andreas Löw

Description of the plist file format used for sprites sheets in cocos2d and cocos2d-x

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Tutorial: Using sprite sheet animations in cocos2d-x V3

2015-12-15 Andreas Löw

In this tutorial you are going to learn:

  • Why you should use sprite sheets
  • Designing and running your game on different devices and screen sizes
  • Creating optimized sprite sheets
  • Creating animations
  • Playing character animations
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Tutorial: Using sprite sheets in MelonJS

2015-11-08 Andreas Löw

In this tutorial you are going to learn:

  • Why you should use a sprite sheet in your MelonJS game
  • Using TexturePacker to create a sprite sheet
  • Optimizing the sprite sheet for size faster downloads
  • Adding a static background
  • Creating an animation
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Tutorial: Creating a game with Phaser and P2 Physics

2015-10-07 Josh Morony & Andreas Löw

This tutorial explains how to create a small physics enabled game with Phaser

  • Creating physics collision shapes
  • Working with collision groups
  • Starting the physics simulation
  • The difference between Arcade and P2 physics
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