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How to create sprite sheets and animations with Monogame

2018-06-27 Randolph Burt, Joachim Grill

Learn how to use sprite sheet animations in MonoGame:

  • Creating sprite sheets with TexturePacker
  • Using Monogame Spritesheet loader
  • Cross-platform desktop application with Visual Studio
  • Create a complete demo scene with animations

Full source code available on GitHub.

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How to create sprite animations for EaselJS / CreateJS

2018-06-25 Andreas Löw

Learn more about:

  • Why using sprite sheets is important for your game
  • Create sprite sheets for EaselJS/CreateJS
  • Load assets from the server using PreloadJS
  • Use animations from a sprite sheet
  • Set/edit pivot points
  • Optimize your sprite sheet for fast downloads
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How to create physics shapes for Phaser 3 and Matter JS

2018-06-13 Andreas Löw

Learn more about:

  • Using Phaser 3 with MatterJS
  • Edit physics shapes visually with PhysicsEditor
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How to translate your React app with react-i18next

2018-04-13 Joachim Grill, Andreas Löw

Localize your React app using react-i18next. Learn more about:

  • Internationalization of your app by integrating react-i18next
  • Extract message IDs with babel-plugin-react-i18next
  • Create and maintain translation files using BabelEdit
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Laravel translation tutorial: How to translate your web app

2018-04-13 Andreas Löw

Localize your Laravel project and learn more about:

  • Internationalization of your project
  • Translating your views
  • Maintaining translation files with BabelEdit
  • Exchanging files with translators
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Godot 3: How to create sprite sheets the easy way

2018-03-15 Andreas Löw

This video shows you how to easily create sprite sheets (AtlasTexture) for Godot.

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