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Panda Playtime: Texture packing

2018-01-10 Tom Vencel

Tom Vencel creates a video series called Panda Playtime in which he explains how to use PandaJS.

This episode is about creating sprite sheets with TexturePacker.

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Hotfix for TexturePacker Importer with Unity 2017.3

2017-12-21 Andreas Löw

TexturePacker Importer 4.4.1 does not work with the current Unity 2017.3 update.

Please download a fixed version of the importer from here until it's available from the Unity Asset Store.

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How to translate your Angular 6 app with ngx-translate

2017-12-13 Andreas Löw

In this tutorial you are going to learn:

  • How to set up ngx-translate
  • How to update your translation files with ngx-translate-extract
  • How to edit and maintain multiple JSON files
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How to use physics with cocos2d-x

2017-04-20 Andreas Löw

In this tutorial you are going to learn:

  • How physics enabled games work in cocos2d-x
  • How to create physics collision shapes for cocos2d-x
  • How to load the shapes in your game
  • How to set up a simple scene with dropping objects
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How to create Responsive Retina CSS sprites

2016-11-08 Andreas Löw

Learn how to create css sprites:

  • Simple workflow
  • Minified images using pngquant algorithm
  • Serve high quality images for Retina / HighDPI devices
  • Responsive
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