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Godot 3: How to create tile sets the easy way

2018-03-14 Andreas Löw

This video (1:50) shows you how to easily create tile sets for Godot.

Spoiler: About half of the video is used to install the TexturePacker importer plugin from Godot's asset library. Creating the tile sets only takes about 40s.

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How to create sprite sheets for Phaser 3 with TexturePacker

2018-03-01 Joachim Grill, Andreas Löw

Content of the tutorial:

  • Creating sprite sheets with TexturePacker
  • Loading sprite sheets in Phaser
  • Setting pivot points with TexturePacker
  • Playing animations from the sprite sheet
  • Optimizing start up time and reducing download size
  • Complete code is on GitHub
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How to create light effects in Phaser 3

2018-03-01 Joachim Grill

Content of the tutorial:

  • Load normal maps in Phaser
  • Create movable light
  • Use normal mapped sprites
  • Use animated normal mapped sprites
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20175 sprites from @KenneyNL in one sprite sheet

2018-02-28 Andreas Löw

I was curious... how does a sprite sheet look like if you pack 20175 sprites from into one big sprite sheet....

This is just a fun project... Spoiler: you can't use it in a game. Its too big!

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How to translate your React app with react-intl + Example

2018-02-16 Joachim Grill

Localize your React app using react-intl. Learn more about:

  • Internationalization of your app by integrating react-intl
  • Extract message IDs with babel-plugin-react-intl
  • Create and maintain translation files using BabelEdit
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How to create physics shapes for Panda2 and P2 physics

2018-02-14 Andreas Löw

In this tutorial you are going to learn

  • How to set up Panda 2 with Physics (P2 engine)
  • How to create basic physical shapes (circles, rectangles)
  • How to create complex physical shapes (polygon based)
  • How to use PhsicsSprite for a simple integration of physics
  • How to create your own classes which give you even more control over the physics simulation
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